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Portable Document Format (PDF) is the universally preferred format for sharing files and documents over the internet. It is because PDF is secure and no changes can be made to them. This feature makes the file safe from the deeds of unauthorized users. But problem arises when the size of the PDF file grows large as user finds it difficult to attach and transfer them on a network.


Common issues that crop up due to large-sized PDF:
  • Large sized PDF is more prone to corruption than small sized PDFs
  • Ample amount of time is required by large sized files when shared on network
  • While uploading or downloading heavy sized PDFs, if, somehow internet connection slows down then file may get damaged which could result in data loss
  • PDF file of large size cannot be emailed as an attachment

The efficacious solution to this problem is splitting the large-sized PDF file in small sized PDF. This can be smoothly done with the help of Free PDF Splitter Tool which is an advanced and expeditious software to split and merge the PDF documents in no matter of time. The software provides different options to split the PDF file, i.e split by page, page range, size, Odd Pages and by Even Pages. Moreover, it ensures that the original data structure, its properties, etc remains completely intact and unaltered.

The free pdf splitter tool is immersed in an extremely user- friendly and interactive environment which provides ease-of-access to the users. Even the novice finds no difficulty in handling it and can easily split or merge the PDF documents using this software. Furthermore, this tool is compatible with all the version of Windows and can split and merge all the PDF’s created using any version of Adobe Acrobat reader.

Trial Version:

To facilitate the users, a free PDF splitter version tool is available which can be downloaded from the company’s website itself. It helps in judging the accuracy and efficiency of the tool which will make you take the right decision of whether to invest your valuable money in purchasing the tool or not. If you feel satisfied with the trial version then you will need to purchase the full version since the demo leaves a diagonal stamp on every page of the split PDF.


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Salient features of free pdf splitter software:
  • Easily splits the large-sized PDF files thereby providing ease in handling them
  • Efficiently splits even the password protected and encrypted PDF files provided the user is aware of the password
  • Quickly divides the PDF file irrespective of its size
  • Standalone utility which means it does not require the installation of Adobe reader on the system for using this PDF splitter tool
  • Provides different options to split the PDF: Split by Size, by Page, by Page Range, by Odd Pages and by Even Pages
  • Efficiently splits any PDF file created using any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other software
  • Free to Download version available
  • 4 X 7 Technical Support
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