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Almost everyone knows PDF files and their excellent features. PDF documents are most preferred for transferring data on the web, therefore their file sizes can be a matter of concern. These files can range from a single page document of few KBs to multi-sheet booklets of many MBs. Sometimes, you do not need the whole file and at times small files can be too clumsy to manage.

Kernel for PDF divide and Merge is an effective software to resolve any kind of size issue with existing Portable Document Format documents. An outstanding, standalone, and tremendously advanced software that helps to break large documents into small and individual ones. In addition, it can efficiently merge small PDF files into a handsome sized single document. The size of the original file does not matter; it is capable of splitting documents having any size in no time.

PDF Split Tool


Here is a realistic situation. You have a 20MB large PDF file containing several pages with text, images, and other objects. You need to send only a few required pages within the e-booklet to someone via email. First, only required pages are useful, rest is just trash. Secondly, you will need to upload the whole file, as there are no means to edit the document. Third, uploading such a large file takes time, uses bandwidth and may get corrupt. Now, one easy answer to all these troubles is PDF divide merge software.

This software offers multiple split options. Available options are Split by Page, By Page Range, by Size, by Even Pages, and by Odd Pages. Now select the option, which suits your case the best. Upload just the required pages and the job is accomplished within seconds. In addition, most email providers and online clients do not let you upload data more than 25MB at a time. This software is the right choice to handle any such large records.

Not only does it divide, you can even merge small Portable Document Format files. Managing too many small documents can be tough. Just select the documents and choose your folder, all the relatively small files will be in a single file now. No need to open them or upload them one by one, it is just one file now.

The quality of the divided documents remains similar to the original one i.e. there is no change in the file properties, formatting, and structure. Additionally, the divided documents can be used as individual Portable Document Format files without any additional modification. The simple and guided interface of this tool makes the task easy. Messages are embedded in the software to effectively guide you to carry out the split Portable Document Format process.

Therefore, this is most precise solution to handle a large sized PDF document in order to make communication process and data transfer rate faster. The software helps users to manage both large sized PDF files as well as bunch of small PDFs. Further, splitting files can save you from a great data loss caused due to sudden communication failure. The software comes with installation guide, which helps you in easily splitting Portable Document Format files.

Free Trial Version Available

PDF Split free Tool is available for free trial using which you can evaluate the software to confirm its quality and know whether it covers all the features it claims or not. Although, the free version is fully functional, you see a diagonal stamp at every page of the free pdf splitter tool. That diagonal stamp represents the software name. If you find the output of the free trial version pleasing, purchase the software, and break large documents into small files without a stamp on the pages.


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Key Features
  • Completely standalone utility to split files i.e. no need to have Adobe Reader installed on the computer where the software has been using.
  • Capable to split password protected and encrypted PDF files but for this password must be known.
  • Various options to split PDF: Available options are Split by Page, by Page Range, by Size, by Even Pages, and by Odd Pages.
  • Divides the file in just few blinks of your eyes.
  • Available for free demo.
  • Capable to split document created using any version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other third party Tool.
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Guideline to Install and Evaluate the Product
  • Double-click the software setup file.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install it.
  • When you see the “Software has been successfully installed” message, click the Finish button to launch the software.
  • Select the PDF file to split into multiple files.
  • Preview the split PDF files and then purchase the PDF Split Merge software if the output is pleasing.

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. Supports all versions of PDF files.

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